Catherine Chiao, aka the Arts Fanatic, is just your average lover of the arts.  She was introduced to all areas of the arts as a young child, both as a student at The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas, as well as as the daughter of a couple who found great joy in attending performing arts performances.  Some of her fondest memories include special nights at the opera with just her mother and herself, and summer nights under a striped tent enjoying the music of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Catherine’s love of the arts was cemented in high school in a class entitled “History of Art and Music” taught by a marvelous teacher named Ed Long.  He taught the girls to appreciate the beauty of a brush stroke and the majesty of a musical theme.  At the same time, she discovered a passion for theater arts that would continue until today.  These days, Catherine spends as much time as possible in the theater and symphony hall, taking classes, attending lectures and trying to learn more about the performing and visual arts.