Intergalactic Nemesis:Rise of the Robot Planet: AT&T Performing Arts Center

Imagine sitting in the audience of a radio show in 1930, with a piano player, a foley artist (sound effects person) and 3 voice actors; add to it projections of artwork from an imaginative graphic novel and a sprinkling of audience participation, and you’ve got yourself a hit!

Intergalactic Nemesis: Rise of the Robot Planet is a delightful and whimsical show sure to appeal to your inner nerd.  Second in a series of three live action graphic novels, we follow the escapades of Molly Sloan and her compatriots as they fight to save the earth and the universe itself from the evil intentions of the villainous Boss…..but first they must figure out who he is!  It is fascinating to watch the voice actors nimbly change from character to character as the story unfolds on the screen above.  The Foley Artist studies her score (script?) to add the environmental sounds – doors opening, footsteps, wolf howl – at just the right time.  And the pianist ad-libs the musical score nightly.

An introduction to the evening by one of the cast members is very helpful for orienting oneself in the experience, especially for those who missed the first installment.  The audience is encouraged to cheer on the heroes and boo at the villains; indeed any audible reaction is embraced.   And the opportunities to interject are abundant: from setbacks to tender moments to grippingly melodramatic quagmires, the action comes fast and furious.  The heroes find untapped sources of inner strength, gritty resourcefulness and unexpected love; and we are with them every step of the way.

The audience is a fun to check out as the show – comic book fans of every age, curious onlookers, men in suits, greying ponytails of both genders (I counted 3 just in the row in front of me) – all there to channel their inner 12-year-old.  Jump right in, let go of your reserve and let your nerd flag fly!  You’ll leave with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

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